You’re just getting started and you have yet to invest in a graphic designer. Logo Express is the answer! This package was born out of popular demand. You asked and I listened. Develop an iconic logo and establish your timeless brand identity. When it comes to your big ideas, this is only the beginning.



I totally get it! I'm Allie and I'm a graphic designer. I’ve been stuck in between DIY and ballin’ on a budget. But, I've helped dozens of ambitious business owners navigate brand design, strategy, and direction. I've got an obsession for working to capture the essence of who you are so you can attract the clients you're meant to serve. I prioritize your vision and your goals to create the polished visual presence your audience craves. 


logo express

Logo Express is a 4-WEEK design package for business owners who want a custom logo that stands the test of time. Together, we'll create the iconic mark you need to put your brand on the map.

  • Brand Discovery 101

  • Custom-Designed Mark

  • Primary Logo & Secondary Logo

  • Three revision rounds

  • All files (including original .AI, .PSD, .JPEG, .TIFF, and .PDF)


This package is a great option for early-stage entrepreneurs and new business endeavours. It’s time to put your dreamy plans to the test. You know you’ll need a full-fledged brand framework (someday), but you’re ready to get the ball rolling with the resources you have now! Logo Express is a great option for entrepreneurs who are still testing the waters when it comes to brand development. Creating your iconic logo is the first step!



You’ve done it. I love it! You are magical. I’m so excited to have created this awesome brand together.
— Meme, Owner of Quite Fitt

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Pay with 3 easy installments! 
Secure your spot with a deposit of just $300 today.

There are only 4 spots open for the next six months. Secure your spot while you still can!


Exactly what to expect when you press that big pink button...

     – Place a $300 deposit using your payment provider of choice via GumRoad.
     – Receive your welcome email in the next 24 hours
     – Complete a brief questionnaire
     – YAY, time to celebrate. It's going to be an exciting 4 weeks!


my process
We kick things off with a 15-minute Discovery Call to explore our options and get familiar with one another! I love to learn about your goals so I can better serve you right from the start. 
This is the fun part. I begin to develop a unique mark for your brand. I test what feels like hundreds of fonts and compositions to develop logos that stand the test of time (and application). I draft my concepts into presentations designed for easy approval. 
Once all of your new logo designs have been approved, I'll finalize the artwork and deliver your new digital toolbox. You'll be equipped with all of your graphics in different sizes, color modes, and file types (including AI, PSD, JPEG, PDF and more). In short, you'll have everything you need. 
I get clarity on your brand through a questionnaire that informs lots of my own research – I’ll study your business, suss out your competition, your ideal client, and everything in between. That information is drafted into an in-depth creative brief that accompanies a mood board and a color palette. During this phase, we solidify the visual style that will inform all of our branding decisions moving forward.
After your feedback is submitted, I implement any changes or adjustments necessary! We can head back to the drawing board as many as three times. Designing, tweaking, and repeating is all part of the process. We'll continue to design for your brand until each logo is perfect.  
Take your new logos and run with them! This process will give you an introduction to brand strategy and a stunning logo to get you started. From here, the opportunties are endless.

key features

Save yourself thousands of dollars in formal design education, and hours upon hours of endless research. 

Allie is so committed to understanding my vision. Working with her is seriously AMAZING!
— Amber, Owner of Strike


Pay with 3 easy installments! 
Secure your spot with a deposit of just $300 today.


Only 4 spots open! Secure your spot today!

  • Entrepreneurs just breaking out and seasoned pro's looking to pivot

  • Small business owners formulating a vision for the future

  • You should have a solidified business name, tagline, and a vision for where you’re going before you book Brand Basics!

  • Business owners hoping to develop a full-fledged brand identity (beyond just a logo alone)

  • Entrepreneurs who are likely to pivot business plans sometime in the next 12-months

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does payment work after I secure my spot with a deposit?  
A: After you secure your deposit, two easy payments of $250 will be spaced out over the next month! You will make a payment after your first round of logos are delivered, approximately 2 weeks into the project. Once all of your brand designs are complete and approved in week 4, you'll make your final payment of $250. Beyond the deposit, every stage of our project is dependent on your approval moving forward. It's that easy!

A: All payments made to Kiss Creative are non-refundable. However, my process is engineered for your satisfaction! Our progress is fueled by your feedback and approval. If you're unsatisfied with our progress at any point in our working relationship, we may dissolve our contract and move on — no hard feelings!

Q: What do you need from me? 
A: Before you hire me, you should have a solidified business name, tagline, and a clear vision for the future. I recommend securing a domain name if you plan to build a website in the future. I’m happy to help you navigate this step! Beyond that assistance, I'm unable to help with implementing original material outside of our process together, but I'm happy to provide resources! 




Pay with 3 easy installments! 
Secure your spot with a deposit of just $300 today.

There are just 4 spots left for the next six months. Secure your spot right now.