the proof process.


'Proof' is a design term refering to a concept or a first draft created for client approval. I'm whipping up a proof for you every time we innovate on a new design together. Here are a few key insights into understanding the proof process throughout our work together! 



This is what a proof looks like! In fact, this is the exact text template I use everytime I prepare a new proof for delivery. Keep scrolling to learn more about the proof process at Kiss Creative! 


  • Proofs are protected PDF's or small JPEG images of a design or concept. They are created to give you an overall idea of a potential design before we move forward.  
    • Protected PDF (.pdf): Proofs are most commonly delivered in this format. It allows the concept or design to be viewed in high-resolution under the veil of a faint "proof" text, as shown in the example above! However, it may not be edited or reproduced. It may be printed at a lower resolution, which should be* perfectly acceptable for most standard 8.5x11" at-home printers. 
    • Small JPEG File (.jpg): Sometimes, proofs are sent in the form of a small JPEG image, which is great gathering quick feedback or for sharing on social media. 
  • Once a "proof" has been approved, it will enter the final stages of production. If you decide the design still needs a few revisions, I'll head back to the drawing board before submitting a fresh new proof for your feedback! 
  • Once a proof is approved for production, the faintly defined proof text is lifted and the final version is delivered in all of it's full sized, high-resolution glory.  
  •  Elements included in a proof may not always be included in the final design. In other words – logo compositions, color theories, and other design components may become recycled intellectual material for other projects in the future.
  •  Proofs are a key step in the decision making process for any project or collaboration.

The 411 on Final Production

After reading about the proof process, you might be wondering what "production" consists of. Once a proof has been approved, I add any necessary final touches and package it up for virtual delivery – saving it under the correct dimensions, variations, and file types.